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Commercial distribution is currently available in all markets worldwide, including the United States.

This includes all forms of media, i.e. Theatrical, Television, VOD, Internet, and Home Entertainment.

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   Compelling new books


Chinatown in Los Angeles

"Chinatown in Los Angeles" (Arcadia Publishing), by Jenny Cho and Chinese Historical Society of Southern California.

The history of Chinatown in Los Angeles is as vibrant as the city itself. In 1850, the U.S. Census recorded only two Chinese men in Los Angeles who worked as domestic servants. During the second half of the 19th century, a Chinese settlement developed around the present-day El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument. Chinese Americans persevered against violence, racism, housing discrimination, exclusion laws, unfair taxation, and physical displacement to create better lives for future generations. When Old Chinatown was demolished to make way for Union Station, community leader Peter SooHoo Sr. and other Chinese Americans spearheaded the effort to build New Chinatown with the open-air Central Plaza. Unlike other Chinese enclaves in the United States, New Chinatown was owned and planned from its inception by Chinese Americans. New Chinatown celebrated its grand opening with dignitaries, celebrities, community members, and a dedication by California governor Frank Merriam on June 25, 1938. 

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Chinatown and China City in Los Angeles

"China City in Los Angeles (Postcard History) " (Arcadia Publishing), by Jenny Cho and Chinese Historical Society of Southern California.

By 1900, the Chinese population of Los Angeles City and County had grown to over 3,000 residents who were primarily situated around an enclave called Old Chinatown. When Old Chinatown was razed to build Union Station, Chinese business owners led by Peter SooHoo Sr. purchased land a few blocks north of downtown to build New Chinatown. Both New Chinatown and another enclave called China City opened in 1938, but China City ultimately closed down after a series of fires.  

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For Goodness Sake

"For Goodness Sake" by Sebastian Gerard:

This compelling new book speaks to the sub-culture and afterlife of the character, Suzie Wong, with a foreword by Nancy Kwan. Currently available in Hong Kong and France. Publishing rights available in all other markets. 

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Redwind Productions Inc
1617 N. Dragonfly Place
Idaho 83616
Email: Brian@redwindproductions.com

Cell: (818) 419-5334